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Book "The Olivier for Your Health" of Henri Joyeux and Frank Poirier

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The olive tree like you have never seen it! Professor Henri Joyeux and the fooper Frank Poirier make us discover the extraordinary virtues of this Mediterranean treasure.

Science proves the virtues of olive oil for digestion, heart health, bones and skin, nervous system, reproductive system and more widely for immunity and longevity ... Beyond the oil, it is all the olive tree which contains, in its fruits, its leaves, its wood, virtuous compounds that still have a lot to teach doctors.

236 pages, dimensions 14 x 2 x 21.5 cm, 300 g

Biography of authors
Henri happy, former surgeon Cancerologist and surgeon of hospitals, also taught at the Faculty of Medicine of Montpellier. He has published many books devoted to human ecology, especially on food. Speaker, he is now engaged in the service of your health through his cancer prevention messages: Nutrition & Health Behaviors. He is also one of the scandal alert launchers around the shortage of the DT-Polio vaccine.

Frank Poirier is mill-oléiculturist. It operates in organic farming an olive grove of altitude, in the Hautes-Corbieres. It produces a cold pressure oil obtained by simple pressing in a traditional grinding mill and decanted naturally as well as flawed table olives with green oak ash, according to a medieval recipe.

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