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Olive oil

An Excellent French Olive Oil For Over 50 Years

Our journey begins in the small terroir of the Mées region,

a privileged land where nature has created a rare combination of sunshine and stony ground, the ideal environment for the mythical olive tree to thrive in.

Moulin Fortuné Arizzi’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil “Pure Terroir” is produced exclusively from olives that grow on our estate. A magical blend of three olive varieties is what characterizes our prestigous olive oil: Aglandau, Picholine and Frantoio.

An excellent French olive oil for over 50 years!

When the olives are perfectly ripe, they’re hand-picked and cold-pressed in our mill to create a wonderfully fruity oil, which fully expresses notes of artichoke, almond and freshly mowed grass. Our olive oil is also distinguished by its vibrant green color. We’re proud that Moulin Fortuné Arizzi’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil “Pure Terroir” has been recognized and enjoyed as one of the best French olive oils for over 50 years.